Nexterra's systems are fully automated and are "built to last". Below are some of the key features and benefits
of Nexterra's technology:



Low Air Emissions*
Tight management of temperature, residence time and velocity reduces emission formation (PM, VOC, CO, NOx).
  • Easier permitting and public acceptance
  • Lower cost for emission controls
Low Particulate Carryover
“Quiet” fuel bed results in a low velocity gas with very limited carryover of particulate matter.  
  • Less boiler fouling
  • Less refractory wear
Handles Challenging Fuels
Precise process control reduces problems typically associated with “hard to handle” waste fuels (C&D, biosolids, RDF), such as “ash clinkering” and NOx formation.
  • Reduce fuel costs by using low-cost waste biomass fuels
  • Increased fuel supply options and reduced fuel procurement risk
Design Simplicity
System has very few moving parts.
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Lower parasitic loads
  • Lower maintenance costs
Syngas Versatility: “It’s a Gas”
Syngas can be fired directly into boilers, kilns or engines.
  • Potential to re-use existing fossil fuel assets for renewable application
  • Utilize gas in high-efficiency conversion systems (Internal Combustion Engines) 
“Green Fuels and Chemicals”
Syngas (CO & H2) is a building block for high-value fuels and chemicals.
  • Gasification enables the conversion of renewable waste feedstocks into high value “green chemicals” or “green fuels”.  All combustion can do is convert renewable waste feedstocks into heat.
* For more information, see: Levelton Consulting Ltd. Air Emissions Report Executive Summary