Nexterra’s gasification systems can process many challenging renewable waste feedstocks while still meeting the tightest emissions regulations. Nexterra’s broad fuel specification allows for the use of feedstocks with moisture contents ranging from 6 – 60% and with sizes up to 75 mm (3 inches).

Nexterra’s systems have been demonstrated to operate reliably on the following biomass feedstocks:

  • Wood (bark/chips, sawdust)
  • Clean Construction and Demolition Debris
  • Biosolids from Sewage Sludge

Nexterra also has a number of other potential feedstocks under development, including:

  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)
  • Poultry Litter
  • Compost Material
  • Switchgrass
  • Agricultural Residues

Nexterra operates a commercial-scale (12 tonnes/day) Product Development Center in Kamloops, BC.  Please contact us if you’d like to discuss testing your feedstock.