Nexterra's gasification system is housed in an architecturally designed building
that fits right into the urban neighborhood.

City Centre Clean Energy PLant

Located on the Upper Harbour in Victoria, BC, the Dockside Green residential and commercial development is a prime example of how Nexterra's gasification system is ideally suited to its central urban setting. The system produces heat and hot water for the entire development using locally sourced wood residues. Housed in a building architecturally suited to the neighbourhood, the system emits virtually no pollution, odors or noise.

"Nexterra's gasification system is perfect for an urban environment. It is a proven, simple, ultra-clean technology that sets a new standard for converting biomass into useful heat energy."

Joe Van Belleghem, formerly with Windmill Developments, co-developer of Dockside Green

Dockside Green
Gasification System

  • Customer:
    Dockside Green Power Energy LLP
  • Location:
    Victoria BC on the Upper Harbour
  • Facility Type:
    Residential Development
  • Application:
    Residential/Commercial heating
    and hot water
  • Nexterra Scope of Work:
    Turnkey gasification system


  • First Greenhouse Gas Neutral
    Community from an energy
  • Renewable fuel source
  • Long term fuel cost savings
Dockside Green


  • Start-up: May, 2009
  • Capacity: 7 MMBtu/hr net useable heat
  • Fuel: Locally sourced, clean urban wood residue
  • Fuel moisture content: 20 - 55%


  • One gasifier converts biomass to
    combustible syngas.
  • Syngas is burned in the oxidizer.
  • The hot flue gas is directed through a
    hot water boiler.
  • The hot water is then distributed to all
    buildings in the development.
  • ESP cleans flue gas before releasing it
    out the stack.

Photo and Video Gallery for Dockside Green Project