publication logo The Vancouver Sun
August 2013
UNBC: Wood biomass an untapped resource
publication logo Innovation Magazine
August 2013
Nexterra /UBC honoured as one of the 2012/2013 Project Highlights
publication logo Process West Magazine
March 2013
Clean Slate
publication logo Renewable Energy from Waste Magazine
January/February 2013
Energy Boost
publication logo

Globe and Mail Clean Tech Supplement
February 2013
Engineering Canada's clean-tech future

See Pages 2 and 7 for Nexterra info.



publication logo Canadian Biomass Magazine
November/December 2012
Cleaning Up
Bioenergy Insight
October, 2012
Hoping for Domination
North American Clean Energy
November/December 2012
A Living Laboratory
Energy Industry Times
November 2012
Turning up the heat on biomass gasification
Canadian Chemical News
April 2012
Gasification Redux
publication logo The Globe and Mail/Business Without Borders
December 2012
Cheap Energy Prices
Cogeneration Magazine
September 2012
$34m clean energy facility opened
Pipeline Clean Energy
October 2012
Canadian biomass company shifts focus to UK
Waste Management World
September 2012
Nexterra waste gasification
Power Magazine
December 2012
Nexterra generates heat, power and buzz with renewable CHP
Pulp & Paper Canada
November/December 2012
UBC biomass CHP system
Lab Canada News
December 2012
University gets biofuel
Biomass Magazine
September 2012
Nexterra, UBC and GE celebrate opening
District Energy Magazine
November 2012
UBC's clean energy facility wins KPMP award
Journal of Commerce
October 2012
Innovative bioenergy facility at UBC wins KPMP award
publication logo Knoxville News
July 20, 2012
ORNL says new wood-burning steam plant will
pay for itself
publication logo Oak Ridge Today
July 20, 2012
ORNL Steam Plant Burns Wood Chips, Saves Energy
publication logo Canadian Biomass Magazine
June, 2012
UNBC Powers Up/ Canada's Green University
publication logo WBIR Knoxville TN
January 10, 2012
Oak Ridge National Lab plant upgrades energy performance


publication logo The Globe and Mail
November 23, 2011
The Greenest Communities in the World
publication logo The Vancouver Sun
August 2011
Clean Emissions Report Boosts Nexterra's Prospects
publication logo BC Business
March 2011
Nexterra, UNBC, and Growth in B.C. Biofuel
publication logo New Westminster News Leader
February 2011
Boiler conversion cut GHG emissions 35% in 2010: Kruger


publication logo Business in Vancouver
October 2010
Nexterra gasification systems generate fewer emissions: study
publication logo Pulp & Paper Canada
May/June 2010
Kruger’s Biomass-to-Syngas Venture Pays Off
publication logo Canadian Biomass Magazine
April 29, 2010
Warming the Neighbourhood
publication logo Bioenergy Now
April 15, 2010
Cover Story: Nexterra Breaks New Ground
publication logo Biomass Magazine
February 17, 2010
UBC to install Nexterra biomass gasifier


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