In 2008, Nexterra in collaboration with GE Energy commenced a program to develop a syngas conditioning system capable of producing a syngas suitable for use in high-efficiency internal combustion engines and for the production of higher-value gases, chemicals and liquid fuels.

The result of this development work is a unique syngas conditioning system that employs thermal cracking. Since commencement of the program in 2008, Nexterra has achieved the following milestones:

  • Over 5,000 hours of operation of the conditioning system at the Product Development Centre
  • Over 3,000 hours of operation on a 239 kWe GE Jenbacher Engine (model #JGS 208) on the conditioned syngas
  • Installation of a 2 MW combined heat and power system at the University of British Columbia which started up in 2012.

Nexterra’s approach to syngas conditioning has a number of advantages relative to other approaches including higher reliability, higher tolerance to variations in feedstock, and minimal wastewater discharge.


Nexterra has run a 239 kWe GE Jenbacher Engine (model #JGS 208)
at the PDC for over 3,000 on the conditioned syngas.

Nexterra has installed a GE Jenbacher engine which will produce
2 MW of electricity at UBC.

Nexterra’s syngas conditioning system has completed over
5,000 hours of operation at the PDC (pictured above).